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Lomonte Homes LLC
General Contract

Upon acceptance of the estimate, the customer agrees to the services and conditions outlined in this document. The contract herein and any agreement made pursuant thereto between Lomonte Homes, LLC (the "Company") and the customer(s) (the "Customer") will be subject to all appropriate laws, regulations and ordinances, and to the following special terms and conditions: 

1. The Company shall have no responsibility for damages from fire, windstorm or the hazard as is normally contemplated to be covered by Builders Risk insurance, unless a specific written agreement is made therefore prior to commencement of the work. 

2. The quotation on the face hereof does not include expenses or charges for additional bond or insurance premiums or cost beyond normal bond and insurance coverage , and any such additional expenses, premiums or cost shall be added to the amount of the contract. 

3. Replacement of deteriorated decking, fascia boards, or other material, unless otherwise stated in this contract, are not included and will be charged as an extra on a time and material basis. 

4. The Company shall not be liable for failure of performances due to labor controversies, strikes, fires, weather, and inability to obtain materials from usual sources, or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company, whether of a similar or dissimilar nature. 

5. The Company is not responsible for any damage due to leaks be excessive wind, ice or hail during the period of the warranty, or any other act of god. 

6. This contract cannot be cancelled once work is commenced except be mutual written agreement of the Company and the Customer. 

7. Any deposit(s) will be forfeited if work is cancelled before commencement of work, and the entire amount due to Company by Customer is payable immediately if Customer cancels work once work has commenced for any reason. 

8. Should Customer not pay Contractor, the Customer is responsible for any and all costs and fees related to seeking payment for services rendered or money due to the Company. This includes, but is not limited to late fees, legal fees, court fees, time and material cost as determined by Company, consulting fees and any other costs incurred as a result of non-payment. 

9. The "company" warranty is transferable. Written notification of transfer is required within 30 days of transfer. 

10. Any representations, statements, or other communications, not in writing and signed by both a representative of the Company and the Customer are agreed to be immaterial and not relied on by either party, and do not survive the execution of this contract. 

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